Speed Up your Mozilla Firefox browser

ক. ফায়ারফক্স ব্রাউজারের এড্রেসবারে লিখুন about:config এবারএন্টার চাপুন।
খ. এন্টার চাপলে দেখাবে “I’ll be careful, I promise!” ভয় নাই এ বাটনটিতে ক্লিক করুন।
গ. একটি ফিল্টার ঘর দেখা যাবে এবং সেখানে browser.cache লিখুন। এখানেঃ
I. browser.cache.disk.enable এ ডাবল ক্লিক করে এর ভ্যালু false করে দিন।
II. browser.cache.memory.enable এর ভ্যালু true করুন।
III. যে কোন জায়গায় রাইট ক্লিক করে New > Integer এ ক্লিক করুন।
browser.cache.memory.capacity টাইপ করে OK চাপুন।
IV. পরের ফিল্ডে 100000 (১০০ মেগাবাইটের সমান) লিখে OK চাপুন।
V. সবশেষে সবগুলো ফায়ারফক্স উইন্ডো বন্ধ করে পূনরায় চালু করুন।

network.http.pipelining;        Make it  True

network.http.proxy.pipelining;  Make it True

On the Blank Spece right click on you mouse and click on  New>Integer>

nglayout.initialpaint.delay;  Write “0”  and click  Ok button

Why Account is necessary for business?

Bookkeeping or Accounting is necessary for all small & large business because if you do not have the record to analysis about your business you may loss your asset and at last your business will be finish. So we should keep our record in any account book.

Bookkeeping is a very ancient invention of the word. From the beginning people keep there asset record by collecting stone in there house. That time animal as cow, hours, camel, elephant etc was the main asset of human. Now days asset meaning become change.

Indian people discover ‘0’ for counting. It was the revelation of Accounting.
All the words use it and get the benefit of ‘0’ How ever to keep record we need to write every thing in a book. It is knows as ledger.

What is account and Why we learn it…..

In accounting terminology, the term Accounting refers to the practice of recording and analyzing the financial transactions of a business. Accounting also generally involves reporting this information.

Accounting Example:

For example, Accounting for a business involves standard methods for recording financial transactions, keeping accurate financial records, giving an accurate analysis of the company’s finances to the company’s management and being able to perform internal audits. Continue reading “What is account and Why we learn it…..”

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Basic Accounting Terms, Acronyms and Abbreviations should know Non-Account professional

Some very important Basic Accounting Terms we may familiar with but we can not define them properly I am providing a short List of accounting popular terms and its definitions as follows; I know everybody who is related to accounting he know all this terms but we need this term some time to make understood others about accounting. Continue reading “Basic Accounting Terms, Acronyms and Abbreviations should know Non-Account professional”